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Kolikaler Buli


(Excerpts from emails sent to Natyakrishti on Kolikaler Buli
 performed on 11/20/09 at Rockville Civic Center in Maryland)

Nov. 21, 2009

It was an amazing feat, truly a drama amongst the chaos of practice. I am glad I could witness this. Incredible acting.........the passage of acting and playacting transferred quite well.

Jayashree-di-r opoorbo acting. How she transforms herself on stage. She truly becomes one with the character. ageo dekkhecchi ebar-o dekhlum.

Kudos to you for putting everything together. A new prodigy, a new child of yours being born.

I am waiting for many more to come.


Nov. 21, 2009


We really enjoyed the Kolokaler Buli a lot.


Nov. 21, 2009

Dear Jogobrata and Nityakrishti
This is to let you know that Bratin, my sister in law ( from Montreal )and I were totally over whelmed by the superior caliber performance of "Kolikaler Buli" by you all. The direction, the acting, the costume designing and makeup, the audio/musical part, the smooth coordination of various complex situations, the clever improvisations, were all so superbly executed that we still cannot get over the memorable evening !!!! We sincerely hope that we will witness more such level of performance from you all. Although we realize many many hours of dedicated work by you all went into this production. Thank you for your efforts
Wishing you all the very best.


Nov. 23, 2009


I am writing this note to congratulate you and the drama team for an outstanding performance. Anima and I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt that it was one of the best theatrical presentation we have seen in a long time. The actors, sound effects, lighting, and stage were nearly flawless. Again, congratulations!



Nov. 23, 2009

Dear Jogada,

Wanted to forward you the E-mail from Gargi. Once again, you had a successful production of Kolikaler Buli. We enjoyed it a lot.


Nov. 23, 2009

Thanks again......but for you we wouldn't have been able to enjoy yesterday's excellent Natick ……superb direction and acting. Please convey our thanks to Jogabrata da for giving us an evening to remember.

Gargi Bhattacharjee

Nov. 22, 2009

Jogo Da,

Thank you for giving us the pleasure of watching such an excellent production. It was the result of long dedication and unending effort on your and JayasreeDi's part and of course very hard and dedicated work by the entire Natyakrishti team.

Kudos to you - excellent job - very very well done. Will wait to see more such productions in the future.


Nov. 23, 2009

Yup... And yes- I definitely enjoyed the show. Jogo da ka jawab nahin. And the music ... it was so appropriately in tune. I hope I knew the music director- I wanted to congratulate the music director for doing such a wonderful job.


Nov. 23, 2009

Hello Jogo,

I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed the play. The strong direction and the performance of all the actors almost made the fact that I don't understand Bengali very insignificant. Congratulations on your efforts. Your passion for stage and drama surely showed through. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.



Nov 24, 2009

Hi Jogabrata and Jayasree,

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holidays, I want to let you know that we are so thankful to you
and everyone in your group for the presentation of such a wonderful and delightful presentation
of Kolikaler Buli. Life is all about moments. Your program was such a moment that comes rarely
in our lives. it will remain forever with us as such a memorable moment

It was not only a drama that was finished in 100 minutes of presentation. It gave us a platform
to think about the influence of spirituality and reality in our lives. That's what Gita's lessons are
all about, victory of good over evil as we see everyday in our struggle of daily living.

Please accept our congratulations and greetings. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary
to tell you, how we feel about this presentation. It was compelling, captivating, charming, enchanting,
humorous, cheerful, refreshing, and exquisite entertainment.

Hope to see you present programs like this in the future.


Pradip and Kumkum

Nov 24, 2009

Dear Pradip and Kumkum:

Thanks for taking the time to compliment Jogo. There is so much hard work and risk is there in embarking on projects like these that a few words of encouragement is highly in order to keep these cultural activities and our senses alive.

You have of course provided more than a few words, and have crafted them elegantly and sincerely. Coming from you also means a lot to all of us.



Nov. 25, 2009

Dear Jogabrata-Jayasree:

I feel immensely proud of you as well as each and every member of Natyakrishti group for the stellar performance you all have been credited with by one and all who witnessed the show. It is a pity we missed it, but I am confident there will be more to come as word spreads around of this classic presentation. We hope to be able to attend the next one.
With love and best wishes,


Nov. 25, 2009

Dear Jogabrata & Natyakrishti,

What can I say that has not been said already - Kolikaler Buli is one of the best, if not the best, stage productions I have ever seen produced by an amateur group. Your production could compete with the very best professional productions. I hope you will be able to take this production on the road to other Bengali Communities. At the least, I hope you will have an opportunity to present it at the 2011 NABC in front of a much larger audience.


An anonymous viewer

Nov. 25, 2009


You should be a little more relaxed after such an outstanding performance last week; as always, we enjoyed very much "Kolikaler Buli" that both of you have worked so hard to present for the Bengali community's enjoyment. You should be truly proud of achieving such high standard of excellence!

Warm regards,

Alok-da & Bandana-di

Nov. 30, 2009

Dear Jogo da,

I would like to take this opportunity of Congratulating You and All the Members of Natyakrishti for staging this wonderful piece of performing art!

From the very beginning... the way the various characters got merged into the Play ... some from outside the scope of acting (e.g. the musician playing the dhol... was called in and then literally pushed into a character of the play)... was very credible effort. Another scene to comment on...

the one, where Kansha turns itself to Hitler... and that too in front of the audience... i.e. not behind closed screen or in the green room!

This being a satirical drama .. presented in a "non-sequential" and disconnected way .. leave plenty of scope for the audience to arrive at their own conclusions .. of the context and message of the play. The Brechtian style of 'loose alienation' was well adopted in the Play... and there was a "Play within the Play itself". The way the characters switched from "one role to the other" (i.e. the Play within the Play concept)... was done with very professional and eloquent manner. Again, this leaves ample input for the spectators to arrive at their own conclusions about the characters... and more importantly... the message they conveyed. The central character of Adhikari (i.e. the 'sutradhar')... portrayed well by Kalyan da... reminds of the role played by Dhritiman Chatterjee... in the movie...

Akaler Sandhane... which has a similar context like here, i.e. there was a cinema within the cinema itself...

Apart from ALL the Actors and Actresses .. special kudos to the Natyakrishti members behind music direction, sound effect, lighting arrangements, stage designs, stage visuals and makeup.

Natyakrishti has raised their "Standards" to a distinct height!

Hoping to see more of these type of Productions from the team in the days to come.

Warm Regards,

Pradip & Rupsa

Dec. 3, 2009

Mr. Majumdar, 

I would like to congratulate both you and your group "Natyakrishti" on the success of "Koli Kaler Buli". In my humble opinion, everything about the play, viz. selection of topic, selection of venue, acoustics, stage decoration, presentation and so on, has been done with a degree of thoroughness rarely seen in other Indian cultural programs in Maryland. Koli Kaler Buli has effectively raised the standard audiences will expect in future, and this, in its own right, is laudable.  

I look forward to seeing more presentations from Natyakrishti, and I wish you and your group success in all future endeavors. My fiancée Deboeeta's note of appreciation is also attached herewith. 



Dec. 5, 2009

Respected Director Sir,

First I would like to thank you for making such a coherent hilarious adoption of "kalikalerr buli', the complete layout (natok binyas) was simply wonderful. The funny yet practically relevant dialogues fell in perfect place with present day issues. The second extremely significant aspect was bringing out such a level of acting from amateur actors...their performance was as par with any of the professional group theatre artists' performance I had watched in Calcutta; special kudos to Kangsha, Bakasur, and Balaram/Vibek-2 for performing at such a fantastic standard. During the course of the performance, all the participants' hard work and complete dedication showed out, may it be the music direction, singers (including Saibal da singing 'kara r ei louho kapat' and simultaneously acting/dramatizing the song in its correct rendition), or the power-point presentations indicating the evil's manipulation in form of the world wars...the production, as a whole, matched with that of the professional ones in Kolkata, and consequently, the standard bar for performances in general has been raised considerably higher for Bengalees residing in Maryland/Virginia/DC area.
We certainly look forward to watching more productions from your excellent troop in future. My thanks to everyone in your group for bringing in such a crisp  yet hilarious performance. 



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